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Gamdom: Welcome Bonus and Promotions (2022)

Gamdom offers an ideal platform for all crypto lovers. Here you can find numerous promotions and topics related to the most popular internet currency. Unfortunately, we do not have a welcome bonus here. Instead, there is a rakeback of 15%. So you will always get 15% of your placed bets on your rakeback account. Rakeback can be paid out daily, weekly or monthly, so you will always get a good amount of money in your account.

With rakeback you can always keep playing and it doesn't matter if you lose or win, because unlike cashback only the actual stake counts here and not the loss amount. We think that rakeback belongs in every online casino and therefore find it very good that Gamdom also offers it.

  • 15% exclusive rakeback for the first 7 Days
  • Get huge rewards and more rakebacks

King of the Hill

In this tournament mode, players have to earn points by slotting. The best players with the most points get a share of 100,000€ in prize money. The first place gets 44.000€ prize money. The second place gets 21.000€ and so on. Depending on the game type, which is written in the rules, you get certain points on your account.

The more points the better, of course. If someone takes the first place, there is extra time, as long as the takeover happened within the last six hours. So there is still time to fight your way to the upper places. The King of the Hill tournament combines extreme prize money with excitement and fun.